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Callisto Outdoor Lamp

Callisto outdoor lighting provides illumination on exterior paved areas of the house. This lighting can be placed on your walkway, the side of the stairs, or on the ceiling of your open garage.

Cally Chandelier

Cally drop light is really a take on to modern light fixtures. It has 6 inverted cone-shaped aluminum lighting that resembles a wind chime. It has an acrylic diffuser that creates light balance in the area you will place it. And not only that, it is corrosion-resistant and durable because of its anodized aluminum finish.

Carol Chandelier

Carol Ceiling Lamp will definitely bring flair and posh to your home. With its gold matte finish and warm white light vibe, it gives statement to your dining, kitchen or living room. Also, it has 3 halo rings that runs on LED strips for energy efficiency.

Caroline Chandelier

Subtle elegance and refined taste is what the Caroline Chandelier brings to your home. With its 2 halos, that has acrylic diffuser, it helps evenly spread its light for better illumination and setting the mood of the room.

Cassandra Chandelier

Light up your space with Cassandra Chandelier features Anodized Aluminum as a base with acrylic diffuser and LED lights can be replaced in Luxen Service Center. The halo shape adds accents to the lighting that can be placed perfectly in the living room or dining room.

Cedie Chandelier

Clean modern look it is for Cedie! Its sleek and straightforward design aims towards function meets design vibe, which fits any modern home. It also has anodized aluminum finish to top that modern metallic look.

Celeste Chandelier

The Celeste Chandelier has a geometric square design with a gold finish all over the rings. This chandelier is aesthetically pleasing and perfect placing in your living room, bedroom, kitchen island, etc.

Cezar Chandelier

Cezar Chandelier is a single drop light that has a modern industrial look. It has a frosted glass to diffuse the light for a more balanced lighting than striking. Its other parts are finished with anodized aluminum for style and durability. You can use it on corner areas, counter tops or even hallway accents.

Chad Chandelier

Chad Chandelier is great to be placed in the kitchen/bar counter tops and dining areas with industrial or minimalistic theme. Its half frosted bulb gives that uniqueness compared to a typical bulb drop lights, that also works as a diffuser to remove harsh light.

Chandra Chandelier

Chandra Chandelier is certainly a conversational piece. Its elegance and sophistication will truly catch the eyes of people who enters your home. It provides 49 egg-shaped bulbs with tri-color of copper, silver and black as holders. It lits up with warm white tone light that gives highlight to your living room.

Chantal Chandelier

Chantal Chandelier displays a finesse contemporary designed lighting that brings character to your home and people being drawn to it. Its 39 bulbs are frosted to provide a balanced diffused lighting while having tri-color of black, silver and bronze to add flair.

Charlotte Chandelier

The Charlotte Chandelier light has 29 elegant shaped bulbs with tri-colored (silver, black and bronze) ends. It has acrylic frosted bulbs for a more diffused lighting ambiance. It also has anodized aluminum canopy for style and durability.