Table Lamps are all-around and highly useful, especially for people who have bad eyesight in the dark. They can be a decoration for the living room and bedroom that produce soft light that spread around the area. Most table lamps are often designed to be flexible, to help you do work that needs more light.

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Tadeo Table Lamp

Tadeo is a vertical table lamp that works well as a task light to provide a warm, yet powerful glow in a dark room. It is made out of wood that adds classic elegance together with its metal for modernity. It perfectly sits on side tables and office/study desks for accent and purpose.

Tamara Table Lamp

Tamara is a table lamp made out of wood and metal, and features a unique circular-shaped LED light. This is a piece of modern classic combined together. With its strong character and simple silhouette, it perfectly fits to modern wooden interior.